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Friday, September 2, 2011

Sanpete County and the Sanpete Valley Railroad

Circa 1877
Richard and Caroline Orr moved their family to Sanpete county.  They homesteaded two miles east of Moroni and the boys ran the farm while Richard ran a freight train on the Sanpete Valley  Railroad.
three more children were born here: Oliver, January 1, 1875, Joseph, January 8, 1877, and Bertrand Oscar, April 28, 1880.

At this time the nearest church was at Moroni, Utah, and the family didn't get there too often.Caroline began to worry about the children growing up without the benefit of the gospel which she and her husband had left England to keep.  They began to make active plans to get the family closer to church activities and family relations.

When the 10th child arrived, Arthur, born July 13, 1882, they sent a letter of announcement to one of Caroline's brothers (Charles Derricott) in Liberty, Idaho.  He wrote and advised them to come to this area as there were several church in the area as the church had been colonizing this part of Idaho along the Bear River.

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